Company Granit Dariusz Pylak Sp. z o.o.
The company Granit Dariusz Pylak Sp. z o.o. can boast of many years of experience as well as professionalism and quality of services provided. We have been present on the market since 2001. We started the activity in the stone industry in the production of raw split elements such as masonry, granite resins and a granite form. Our offer also includes high-quality aggregates and granite mixtures, as well as granite rubble. The first step in the development of the company was the purchase of splinters and the start of production of granite blocks.

To meet the needs of the market and the expectations of customers, the company began to provide services for laying granite blocks and curbs throughout the country. Bearing in mind the growing interest of customers in the granite dice, from August 2014 we have launched a new production line, which will increase the production of granite blocks and allow for the execution of orders for our contractors.

The purchase of a new line will allow us to increase the company's competitiveness in the market by implementing larger orders for granite paving in a shorter time. The company Granit Dariusz Pylak Sp. z o.o. through the purchase of a new production line it also has the ability to perform non-standard orders, according to the expectations of our clients.

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Strzegom granite cube - tailor-made

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